Baseline Documentation Report (Final)

Baseline Documentation Report (Draft)

Baseline Report Contract Fully Executed 1/29/15

PRESS RELEASE—JULY 24, 2014—Baseline Study Solicitation (click to view pdf)

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Announcement December 16, 2013

I am delighted to announce that on Monday, December 16, 2013 the Bellingham City Council authorized the Mayor to enter into an Interlocal Agreement with the CCFPD for repayment of the Greenways Endowment Fund Loan, and to execute the Chuckanut Community Forest Conservation Easement, with two minor amendments removing the zip line reference as an allowed use, and leaving the disposition of the dog off-leash area to the City’s Master Planning process to come.

The City Council had generously invited the Park District Board to convene a meeting and participate in a joint public hearing in Council chambers on that date for the purpose of taking testimony on the Interlocal Agreement and the Conservation Easement. After discussing the matter together, the City Council voted 7-0 approval, and the Park District Board voted 5-0 approval of both documents as well.

Thank you City Council and Mayor Kelli Linville for graciously allowing the Park District Commissioners to participate jointly in your process.

I also wish to thank the City and Park District negotiation teams for their patient and collegial efforts to work together and reach an expedited agreement that, per the Park District’s mission: ‘ensures the entirety of the property is protected in public ownership in perpetuity, with respect for its ecological, recreational, and educational functions…’

To the citizens who have worked unceasingly for many years to protect the forest property: your support has been absolutely essential to the process. You are respectfully urged to remain engaged and to participate in the future City Parks Department Master Planning process for the property. I believe that offering your ideas, concerns, and involvement will assure a positive outcome.

The Final, signed and notarized documents are now posted and available for your review in the documents below.

Vincute (Vince) Biciunas

Policy and Procedure Manual amended 2/26/2015 (click to download)

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