Press Release
Chuckanut Community Forest Park District
May 30, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the “Baseline Documentation Report” for the Chuckanut Community Forest has been completed, approved, signed, and posted here.

We would like to thank Ann Eissinger of Common Futures LLC especially, and Chris Behee, Senior GIS Analyst of the City of Bellingham, Planning and Community Development Department, for creating a visually stunning and factually inclusive document of our beloved Chuckanut Forest. Many others contributed and we thank all who helped.

We encourage everyone to read and enjoy, and use as a reference, the Baseline Study. You will be glad you did, and maybe you’ll be inspired to take a walk in the woods with a new understanding of the value of our natural treasure.

In Memoriam: Joe Yaver, who passed away last November 29, 2016, spearheaded for many years the efforts to save Chuckanut Ridge as an urban park for the people of Bellingham. He lived to see it. For decades, Joe urged mayors and city officials to behave in responsible ways toward our environment. He kept to the fire the feet of concerned citizens, and he spared himself no labor to promote sound civic policy. Those who loved him have long cherished the hope that someday, somewhere in the forest, hikers will find a space cleared for a bench, with the marker “Joe’s Place.”

In Memoriam: Robyn du Pre, who passed away in March of 2015, was on the steering committee that led to the creation of the Chuckanut Community Forest Park District. She and her husband, Dan Remsen, guided and inspired hundreds of people to work on turning the Hundred Acre Woods into one of Bellingham’s finest parks. Robyn’s efforts to protect the people of northwestern Washington and the ecosystems they depend on were recognized far and wide. Her wit, her warmth, her determination to serve the public good will long be remembered. Happy Trails, beautiful spirit!

Our Mission: The mission of the Chuckanut Community Forest Park District is to ensure the entirety of the property is protected in public ownership in perpetuity, with respect for its ecological, recreational, and educational functions and to serve as a fiscal mechanism through which the District, via a tax levy, will repay the City of Bellingham for the Greenways Endowment Fund loan.

Next Regular Meeting
Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 6 to 8 PM
Bellingham Public Library, Fairhaven Branch, Fireplace Room
1117 12th Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Please note: our regular meetings in 2017 are usually scheduled on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6 PM.

Everyone is welcome!



Legal defense costs:
2015: $41,108.50
2016: $40,915.15
2017: $15,897.86
Total costs to date: $97,921.51

Court of Appeals’ State of WA Division 1, Ferlin et al. case number, 75561-7.